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About Us

TCFMN, stands for Telugu Christian Fellowship of Minnesota. TCFMN has been founded by a faithful few for the enrichment of their spiritual lives through fellowship with Godís people. Birthed in the year 2006, TCFMN started off with just a handful of Christian families from the state of Andhra Pradesh in India who were living in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Over the years, God has multiplied this fellowship and today it consists of nearly 100 families representing the Telugu community of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, thus making it a perfect melting pot for Telugu Christians living in the twin cities .

TCFMN is mentored under the leadership of evangelist and missionary Rev. Dr. Yesupadam Bandela, who is well known for his ministry through Gospel Association of India and his passion for perishing souls in India and overseas. Responsibilities of TCFMN are shared by all the members from time to time, as needed. TCFMN meets on every third/fourth Friday of every month at Bethel Baptist Church in Sunfish Lake, Minnesota. TCFMN is thankful to Mrs. & Pastor Don Delich and to all the leaders at Bethel Baptist Church for graciously offering their church to be used for the TCFMN gatherings.

TCFMN also conducts cottage fellowship meetings in the residences of its members on various occasions like anniversaries, birthdays or for any event of thanksgiving and spiritual enrichment. TCFMNís Annual Summer Picnic will be organized during every summer and this will be a time of fun and getting to know other families and friends in the twin cities and spreading the love of God in the Telugu community. Kidsí night is another red lettered day in the lives of the fellowship members, especially for the kids as they look forward for this event every year to present their talents for the glory of God. Other such events which attract more people are the Christmas, Good Friday and Watch Night Service which are celebrated with much pomp and festivity by sharing the joy of the Lord with fellow believers. Some of the highlights of these events would be singing in Telugu along with traditional Indian instruments like the tabala, kanjar (tambourines), talam (cymbals) and sitar, preaching the word of God (in Telugu) and adding to this flavor, the spicy Andhra delicacies.

We at TCFMN do not see these as mere social gatherings but want lives to be impacted through meaningful worship and devotion to God through ethnic and linguistic connection. We wish to keep alive the culture and the traditions with which we grew up back in India on Telugu soil. It is our sincere prayer and earnest desire that we pass on this legacy to our future generations, lest they forget the humble roots and the faithfulness of God, while they are living in ever changing times and pursuing the American dream. The fellowship has also a deep burden for the larger Telugu community living in the other parts of the United States as we intercede for them along with praying for the land of India and its people..

TCFMN has come a long way in the past few years as its close knit families encourage and strengthen each other continuously in the Word of God and through prayer, which have been the primary foundation amidst the cultural bonding. To this endeavor, it is our prayer and desire that we would be a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that we may declare the praises of God who has called us out of darkness into His wonderful light (1 Peter 2:9). We hope and trust that we would be a beacon of light serving and spreading the love of God among the Telugu community in the twin cities during these last days.


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